Non-Surgical Facelift LumiLift : Local Phototreatment + Micro-currents

Visible lifting effect as of the very first session!  

A Comprehensive rejuvenating and regeneration favoringtreatment for the entire face. Totally pain-free and does not require any downtime. 
The LumiLift®  is a complete rejuvenating procedure. It is dedicated to maximizing the synergy that occurs when Photobiostimulation, using red light at 640 nm, Impulse Micro-Currents and Ultrasound waves are applied successively in the same treatment session. Layering multiple technologies within one treatment session provides advanced treatment solutions to fight the aging process at the Epidermal, Dermal and Muscle levels.
      • Full face and neck lifting treatment
      • Eye lift treatment
      • Chest (décolleté) lifting treatment 
      • Hand rejuvenation treatment

In order for rejuvenation treatments to be effective and complete, they must reach and treat all 3 levels where aging takes place.

Problems related to:
  • Epidermal aging: Dehydration lines, redness, dull and lifeless complexion.
  • Dermal aging: Expression lines, deep wrinkles around the eyes and lips, solar elastosis on the cheeks and neckline.

  • Muscle aging: Sagging jowls, nasal-labial fold, sagging eyelids.


Soli-Tone 2500 is a powerful, non-invasive device that facilitates energy and information transfer within the skin tissue. Layering and combining Light therapy, Impulse Micro-Currents and Ultrasound provides maximum facial and muscle rejuvenation. This is accomplished safely and comfortably, without the use of such invasive procedures as Lasers and IPLs (Intense Pulsed Light).

Experimental treatments over a one year period using subjects between the ages of 35 to 55 years were conducted. The test conclusively showed that layering multiple technologies during treatment procedures produced amazing results.
LEDs deliver sufficient energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself. The levels are low enough so that no tissue damage can occur.

(LumiLift) non surgical faceliftThe Lumi-Lift is a combination of microcurrent, LED, and iontophoresis providing instant lifting and toning to the face and soothing redness.SOLI-TONE 2500 LUMILIFT® Visible lifting effect as of the very first session!
Some of the specific effects include:
  • Increasing RNA synthesis (essential for growing new cells)
  • Collagen production (needed for healing many injuries)
  • Stimulating mitochondria (the power source of the cell)
 Local Photo-treatment 
  • Favoring collagen production on the treatment area;
  • Favoring circulation and healing natural process;

Local Impulsed Micro-currents:
  • Tone and retrain target muscles to their initial shape;
  • Achieve a visible lifting effect by tightening the facial contour and slowing the aging process.
    • Epidermal level: Increased cell renewal, decreased pore size, regulated hydro-lipidic film, decreased redness and pigmentation problems.
    • Dermal level: Stimulated fibroblast cells, increased collagen production, decreased collagenase (destruction of collagen fibres), and restored intercellular communicationresulting in smoother skin and less wrinkles.
    • Muscular level: Lifted sagging muscles, restored muscle tone, stimulated Golgi Tendon Organ (muscle’s communication center).

    Light TherapySoli-Tone 2500 -  A revolutionary approach to maximizing facial rejuvenation by means that are non-invasive and that respect thephysiology and biology of the skin and muscles.Soli-Tone 2500 attacks problems from the inside, leaving the outer skin completely intact,without any visible signs of damage to the skin. Unlike Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and lasers which rely on thermal injuriesto prompt the skin to repair itself, Light Emitting Diodes are non-invasiveand safer than sunlight. 

    The Soli-Tone 2500 unit was named after the Soliton-effect which occursduring light exposure. A Soliton is a wave of energy that occurs at frequencies within the visible light spectrum. Pulsed red light (640nm) creates a dynamiceffect within the skin. It sets up a signal transport system in living tissue,affecting protein and lipid chains, flooding and positively stimulating the targeted cells.

    Soli-Tone 2500 employs 3 forms of energy – (photobiostimulation), conducted. Impulse Micro-Currents (electrical) andUltrasonic energy which are successively applied to the skin. 

    The premise is that light energy penetrates the skin, repairing and stimulating the deeper tissue through neo-collagen formation. At the same time,the synergistic effect between the Impulse Micro-Currents and the Ultrasonic energy addresses the issue of unwanted deep facial creases caused by sagging muscles. These energy sources provide greater wrinkle reduction, a tighter facial contour and eliminate undesirable pigmentation and redness withoutepidermal or dermal injury. 

    The Soli-Tone 2500 unit offers a wide variety of treatments, suitable for all skin types, colors and aging. Each is tailored to treat theclients’ specific skin condition. 

    Soli-Tone 2500 is the perfect answer to new market demands for non-invasive therapy that provides immediate visible results, with no down time.  

    Scientific research reveals that cells respond directly to light   energy “Exploring the Biology of Photo-therapy”James Oschman PhD : “From the biological situation, I suggest that the immediate effect of light is on the communication pathways. Specifically, it is proposed that light stimulates the flow of solitons, which are waves of energy and information that travel rapidly through the protein fabric of the body. The flow of solitons opens the gates and switches and organizes dynamic living matrix pathways. Cells can then “whisper” to each other using their own languages. These whisperings orchestrate the repair of traumas of all kinds.” Mayo Clinic Study - Jeffrey R. Basford, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation(Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 9:1-5, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, 1989) NASA ExperimentsIn the early days, manned space flight astronauts found that if they were injured in space, the wounds did not heal until they returned to earth. No one knew why. Later, when they began growing plants in space, the astronauts discovered that wounds would heal when exposed to the samered light that was being used to grow plants. Red light at 640 nm has been found to stimulate a healing response in the body.